An open competition for spurring the development of LINE chatbot and user penetration, offering up to JPY 10 million in prize money to individuals and businesses alike.
Take the LINE BOT AWARDS challenge and see where your innovation will take you.

An open competition for spurring the development of LINE chatbot and user penetration, offering up to JPY 10 million in prize money.

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March 21, 2017Grand prize and Category Awards of LINE BOT AWARDS has been selected in the Final stage held in March 18th! Detail can be referred from here.
July 12, 2018We are delighted to announce the opening of the “LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018”. This year we have greatly expanded the range of eligible developed services from LINE Bots also include Clova skills. We are looking forwards to your submission! Please check out the following page for more information: LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018 Official Pages


  • Grand PrizeOne winner¥10,000,000
  • Category AwardsOne winner for each category¥500,000
  • Student CategoryOne winner¥1,000,000
  • Microsoft Award¥1,000,000One winner  /  ¥500,000 &
    Free usage of Microsoft Azure
    up to ¥500,000
Parter awards are provided to high-qualified bots which uses each partner's API or platforms.
No entry may not be nominated as the result of screening.


  • Lifestyle Category

    For bots that make everyday tasks easier, like search or reservation bots. This award will go to a bot that shows high potential for user adoption.

  • Entertainment Category

    For bots that have high entertainment value. Rather than evaluating utility, this award will recognize a bot's high entertainment value. We hope to see bots that take advantage of music, video, comics, and other content.

  • Game Category

    Regardless of a game content, this award is for a game bot that provide great interactivity and a fun user experience.

  • Conversation Engine Category

    This award will recognize a high quality conversation engine package that uses natural language processing or other methods.

  • Group Chat Category

    For bots that show value not for 1:1 chats, but in a group chat setting. This award is for a challenging category, to highlight a bot that can judge individual personalities and follow along with the chat context.

  • IoT/Beacon Category

    This award is for a bot that communicates and works with IoT devices or that interacts with LINE Beacon to provide a user experience that goes beyond the smartphone screen. You can purchase beacons that interact with LINE here.

  • Student Category

    This is a special category just for student-produced and developed bots. We hope to honor a bot developed by students that fellow students will also want to use.

  • Start-Up Category

    For bots produced by a company that is less than three years old. We will put serious consideration on the newness, speed, and risk-taking that a bigger company is unlikely to provide.

  • Localization Category

    We recognize it may be hard to make a bot global due to culture and language differences. But we do want to honor a bot that can adapt to the usage environments of regions such as Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. All awards, including the Grand Prize, will take into account a bot's global appeal.

  • Geek Category

    An award for bots by developers, for developers, honoring a bot with a high hack level or an impressive implementation. We invite Slack users to also take this opportunity to try and make a LINE bot as well!

  • Microsoft Category

    This is the special categories to those who use Microsoft Cognitive Services and other Azure Services effectively. This award will go to a bot that drives impacts toward LINE users and service.


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  2. December


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  4. March


Judging Criteria

  • Helpfulness

    For bots that interact with users, the most important thing the judges will consider is whether or not they are helpful to users. Think about what the bot is attempting to help users with and how much time or trouble that situation causes for users.

  • User Adoption

    Truly helpful bots will have high levels of acceptance from users. For this judging point, we will digitally count how many LINE friends you have made. Compared to other awards, bots that start and recruit friends earlier will have an advantage. As it happens, the chat bot Rinna (not eligible for this contest), has four million friends. We challenge you to beat her number!

  • LINE Spirit

    We want to see bots that LINE users will want to use, such as bots that can be used in groups or ones that explore various message types with buttons and carousels.

  • Impact

    We hope to see bots that will truly leave an impact on users, changing people's daily lives or even how society works. While you may be looking to make your own life a little easier, we also encourage making something that can really help other people as well. Think big!

  • Long Term Viability

    There are plenty of great short-term ideas for bots, but we will pay special consideration to those bots who show the ability to continue in the long-term after the BOT AWARDS to help create new business.

Applicant Outline

  • Accounts that use Messaging API are eligible.
  • Individual applicants can apply from the entry form for Push API usage (regardless of their current plan). Usage lasts from time of entry to the award ceremony.
  • Entries open to all, regardless of nationality or country of residence.
  • With User Adoption being one of the judging criteria, we will not recommend using a friend-limited Developer Trial account.

Final Stage

Grand Prize Selection

10 finalist bots will be selected for each category from the pool of bots entered via the entry form. An additional 5–10 bots of exceptional quality that do not fit into any categories will be selected together with the category finalists to advance to the finals.

The judges will evaluate each finalist bot based on their developers' presentation and a grand prize winner will be determined.


Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Seminar room

Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 2-16-3, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan

Date and Time

March 18th 2017

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